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With my paintings, I try to create a concentrated afterimage, compressing the visible world into an engram. The details of reality are mixed the same way on my paintings as our memories mingle; some details change, some others completely disappear. Depending on what kind of memories, physical and mental burdens an individual carries with him or herself, the individual perceives something else therefore sees the world from a different angle compared to others.

The perceived, more precisely my own perceived world, the substance of it, intended to be represented by my painting- collage series called RESTRUCTURE, which I have been creating since 2013.After painting my artwork I disassemble it into small pieces, meaning I cut the finished painting into stripes.

I gain new components, pieces of reality, from which I can create a new design. Besides my paintings breaking into components which are given new opportunities of interpretation by being placed in a new context, my own approach is also updated, both in relation to the perceived world and to myself; not just a new picture but a new — restructured — me is born.